Here's a link to the full petition language and charter amendments proposed by Everett Districts Now! This plan meets legal scrutiny and establishes a process to create 5 districts and keep 2 at large and proposes a commission to create the district map and boundaries based on state law.


By a majority vote earlier in the year, Everett City Council members responded to the community's petition for 5-2 Districts by passing a resolution to create their own conflicting ballot measure. They have not asked Everett Districts Now or our partners to be part of their process or to present information. They are asking for public input, so we need your help!

Take the survey

The city has released their survey for input on their plan for districts. They could put 5-2 on the ballot or 4-3 or nothing or anything! The council has release a survey for input on their website. It’s a quick 10 question online form and only takes 1 minute to complete! Please take the survey and encourage the city to propose 2 at large and 5 districts. There is a question asking if a commission should be appointed or elected. There’s also a question if the commission decision should be final or advisory. Our Everett Districts Now plan has the commission appointed by the Mayor and council and their recommendations are final.

Please take a minute for this survey:


Thank you for attending the Everett Districts Now official campaign kickoff, which took place on March 4th at the Everett PUD Building (2320 California Street) in the Commission Meeting Room. Supporters will heard from area leaders include City Councilmember Brenda Stonecipher and former House Representative Luis Moscoso, who shared the history of his efforts to establish improved voting rights for districts in Washington!



Sign the petition to create five geographic districts and keep two at large for Everett City Council. Currently, all council members are elected at-large, as a result, 5 out of 7 live in the northern part of the city. Districts would ensure fair and equal representation across the entire city. A city government that comes from the people will better serve all people. 

Join the movement-residents of Everett are coming together to pass a citizens initiative to amend the Everett City Charter and establish a new voting system. With enough signatures, the issue will go before all Everett voters in November 2018.
We need your support! We need to gather 4,000 signatures in person by July and we need you to vote yes on districts!
Sign the petition to create a fair and just voting system! You must sign in person, the petition is available at Café Zippy at 1502 Rucker and the Everett Farmers Market this Spring and Summer and look for volunteers walking your neighborhood or contact us!

 Register to vote and get your current voting information from the Washington Secretary of State.

Register to vote and get your current voting information from the Washington Secretary of State.


We believe Everett is a great and growing city. We believe that the people of Everett deserve equitable and fair representation. We believe that a city government that comes from the people will better serve all people. 

We believe that Everett must have districts, now!


This is the map of the proposed Everett City Council Districts to be used until 2020. The map will be updated in 2020 based on additional population data and state law.


We believe that the creation of council districts will promote equal and fair representation on the Everett City Council.

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