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September 7, 2018: Everett voters should support five council districts

In two short months, voters in Everett will decide if they want to forego electing all city council members at-large and make a change to electing some of them from geographic districts. To do this is a two-step process; here’s how it works.

June 3, 2018: Sign updated petition for city council districts in Everett

Link to letter by Megan Dunn here: https://www.heraldnet.com/opinion/sign-updated-petition-for-city-council-districts-in-everett/

March 2, 2018: Grassroots Group In Everett Wants To Change City Council Election Process

Listen here: http://knkx.org/post/grassroots-group-everett-wants-change-city-council-election-process


JUly 5, 2017: Everett needs break from current city leaders

Let’s ask the neighbors of the Pinehurst-Beverly Park Neighborhood if they feel that they were supported? They were deceived, misinformed and disregarded when it came to the low-barrier housing being built in their neighborhood after many neighbors called, wrote and showed up at city council meetings to get help to stop this from being forced into their neighborhood. Read more.


JUNE 28, 2017: Council districts in Everett would broaden representation

I’m part of the effort to get this issue on the ballot for voters to decide on this issue. We’re canvassing houses, we’re at the farmers markets, and other sites. And 99 percent of people I talk to have signed the petition, while 1 percent want more information from the website districtsnow.org. Read more.


JUNE 20, 2017: Sign petition to put council districts on Everett ballot

After considerable study and discussion, the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County adopted a position in support of bringing more representative government to the city of Everett. We believe that democracy is best served by having a City Council that represents all areas of the city. What better way to bring this about than to divide the city into geographic districts. Then the citizens of that district would elect a representative who knows them, and knows their needs and concerns. Read more.


May 7, 2017: Sign on to put Everett council districts on fall ballot

The Everett City Council is the main governing body of Everett. Did you know that Everett City Council-members do not represent a particular district? Do you think at least some of them should? Signature gatherers will be coming to your door soon for the citizen initiative to create voting districts for Everett City Council. If you are a registered voter, living in Everett, grab a pen and sign on! If you are not yet registered to vote, most signature gatherers can help you register. Read more.


march 1, 2017: Everett may vote on council districts in fall

EVERETT —  A citizen initiative petition is in the works to have the council be elected by geographic voting districts for Everett on voters’ ballots this November. A grassroots group, Everett Districts Now, made up of union groups and neighborhood leaders and which is supported by the League of Women Voters, the NAACP of Snohomish County and the 38th Legislative District Democrats, filed the petition to the city on Feb. 7 for approval. Read more.


February 21, 2017: Commentary: Everett citizens will put council districts to vote

In 2012, the Herald Editorial Board was the first voice to call for the city of Everett to transition from at-large council positions to district representation in order to improve representation and voter participation. Read more.


february 19, 2017: Everett could compromise on voting districts

Regarding the Wednesday article, “Everett committee scraps geographic districts for council members”:

After months gathering data about voting, councilman Paul Roberts concluded that “lack of citizen participation and engagement” among the poorer areas of the city justifies the wealthier areas maintaining all the power. Read more.


January 5, 2017: Everett council districts needed for fair representation

I have lived in Everett for 46 years. My geographic area has many representatives on the Everett City Council, most of whom live within my geographic area. Our city council meets regularly within my geographic area. I am well represented. However.... Read more.


December 6, 2016: Elect Everett city council by districts

Six out of the seven Everett City Council members live within a mile of each other in north Everett. They do not live within 1 mile of two-thirds of Everett citizens in central and south Everett. Our seven at-large City Council members are elected to represent everyone in our city, but some people say living in an area provides the day-to-day experience of its needs. The City Council is expected to vote on this issue soon, so please tell them what you want: council@everettwa.gov. Read more.


december 4, 2016: Everett must consider voting districts for council

The recent election has shown that there are Americans who feel left out. I’m afraid that many Everett citizens who live south of 41st Street may feel just that: left out. These folks would be assured of having a representative on the Everett City Council if council members were elected to a combination of district and at-large positions. Democracy works better when a wide cross-section of citizens participate and feel that they have a voice. The historical dominance of better-known north Everett candidates in at-large elections undoubtedly discourages well-qualified people living in other parts of the city from even attempting to run for office. The neighborhoods south of 41st Street surely have a lot of talent and ideas which could benefit us all. Let’s give them an opportunity! It also could be a catalyst for increased civic participation by more people in these neighborhoods.


october 3, 2015: Consider the ideas, direction of residents

If you recall the controversy last year that followed Shannon Affholter’s mid-term resignation from the Everett City Council, you might remember that the conservative male majority chose to appoint one of their own rather than choose from the five highly qualified women supported by the citizens. Read more.