Everett Districts Now is a nonpartisan, grassroots coalition of community members from around the city, including elected officials, union members and civic organizations that believe better representation is in our future. We have seen other cities with under-represented populations thrive once they created their districts. We have seen communities grow around their new districts and their new district representatives. By improving representation and involvement, we have seen the people and their government grow closer. We have seen the benefits and we want Everett to have the same.

We believe it is time for a fair, just and truly representative process for electing our city council members. We believe it’s time for Everett Districts Now!


Timeline: Bringing Districts to the People!

1980s-First Discussions on creating districts with city council members, including Bob Overstreet

2006-Charter Review Discussion, included discussion on districts

2012-Community Meetings (along with council members Roberts and Stonecipher)

2012-Everett Herald Endorsement of a plan for 5 districts and 2 at large

2015-Megan Dunn presents a request to council to study districts (with support from community members)

2016-Charter Review Discussions and public hearing in May 2016 (majority of public comment was support for 5 districts and 2 at large). Charter Review committee voted 3 in favor and 11 against districts.

2016-August-Council Discussion to study Districts, no movement

2107-January-Everett Districts Now forms political PAC to run campaign.

2017-City Council Subcommitee votes to not allow full council to study of districts and publishes report that districts "lower the bar" for candidates (subcommittee members were Roberts, Bader and Franklin)

2017-Spring-EDN and supporters meet with all council members, Everett Representatives for State Legislature and County (Robinson, Sells, McCoy and Sullivan). LWV attends nearly every neighborhood meeting across the city.

2017-July 31st-council votes 5 against and 2 in support of 5-2 district plan

2017-Everett Districts Now collects over 3,200 signatures in support of 5 districts and 2 at large!
2018-March- EDN updates petition and election timeline and launches new petition effort!

2018-May-EDN reaches 2,000 signatures!

2018-July 11th, Everett City Council members had a unanimous vote to place 2 propositions on the November ballot to establish districts for council seats. The move was a direct response to the community effort to create 5 districts and 2 city-wide seats.

Everett Districts Now-Listening to Community Members

•       Met with local leaders, all council members, experts from the University of Washington, District council members from Bremerton, Yakima and Seattle.

•       Presentation to LWV, NAACP, Carpenter’s Union, Firefighters, 38th LD Democrats, Snohomish County Democrats.

•       Discussions with Young Republicans at EVCC, Snohomish County Republicans and 21st LD Republicans

•       Education forum in March of 2017, hosted by LWV. Presentations by NAACP, Historian Dave Ramstead and EDN. Estimated attendance: about 100 people

•       Radio show debate in summer of 2017, hosted by LWV, and regular PSA announcements on KSER.

•       LWV and EDN Visited 17 out 19 neighborhoods across Everett to share information on campaign and voting rights.

•       Campaign kick off at PUD  -- April 8th, 2017 (estimated 80 attendees)

•       Bob’s Burgers Event and fundraiser --May 25th, 2017 (est. 50 attendees)

•       Home fundraiser -- August 22nd, 2017 (40 attendees)

•       Education Forum on Casino Road, November 2017 (20 attendees)


Speakers from the March 4th Kick Off sharing why they support districts!
Top row: Everett City Councilmember Brenda Stonecipher, Ben Young, Louis Harris, and former House Rep Luis Moscoso
Bottom row: MJ Donavan-Creamer, Megan Dunn and Mary Rollins