There is a democratic solution, one that will breathe life into an often stale, sometimes unimaginative political culture. Everett’s charter should be amended so that members of the city council are elected by district rather than at-large. A sensible plan would have five of the seven council members elected by district and two elected citywide (at-large.)
— Everett Herald Editorial Board stated in 2012

Elected Officials

John McCoy, State Senator (38th LD)
Maralyn Chase, State Senator (32nd LD)
Mike Sells, State Representative (38th LD)
John Lovick, State Representative (44th LD)
June Robinson, State Representative (38th LD)
Luis Moscoso, former State Representative (1st LD)
Brian Sullivan, Snohomish County Council
Brenda Stonecipher, Everett City Council
David Simpson, former Everett City Council
Tina Podlodowski, Chair; Washington State Democratic Party
Deborah Parker, Former Vice Chairwoman of Tulalip Tribes

Community Members 

* Organizations for identification purposes only.

Leland Dart, former candidate for Everett City Council
Alex Lark, former candidate for Everett City Council
Jon Peebles,  former candidate for Everett City Council
Andrea Tucker
Dave Ramstad
Peter Hardin Jackson, former editorial page editor, the Everett Herald
Michael Lapointe
Jason Webley
Jackie Minchew
Ron Young
Emily Wicks
Joseph Erikson
Annzolee Olsen
Robert Younger
Julie Langabeer
Chris Glans
Anthony Vicari
Lee Dart
Lynn Carpenter
Ben Young
Alice Curtis
Jamie Curtismith
Ty Robb

Brenda Bolanos-Ivory
Megan Dunn
Greg Lineberry
Jackie Minchew
Myrna Overstreet
Mary Rollins
Michael Trujillo
Bob Creamer
MJ Donovan-Creamer
Bert Albert
Jim Konick
Donna Konick
Janelle Burke
Charlene Rawson
Pamela Greenwood
Rita Durand
Lynn Lichtenberg
Nicolas Quijano
Allan White
Ed Glazer
Paula Townsell
Karen Pauley
Paul Benz
Marilyn Rosenberg